姚记国际开户 fencing posts Austrian style
姚记国际开户 fencing posts
      • 姚记国际开户 fence posts in a variety of sizes and colours

Uniroll Post

140cm post can also be used with ring rod insulators.


Pigtailpost- White

109cm x 7mm


80cm Easypost- Green

Compact & light self insulating post with patented interpost linking system for easy handling.


105cm Easy Post

Available in two colours:

  • White or Green


Available in two sizes:

  • 120 cm
  • 160cm

Live Shock Post

The top section of the post is electrified to help prevent the animal from pushing the post over.


10mm Diameter GRP Post

Available in 3 options:

  • 120cm x 10mm Greenpost
  • 160cm x 10mm Greenpost
  • 160cm x 10mm Green Post with Anchor Barbs