Insulators for tape, rope, braid and wire. Also tape joiners and insulator chucks for ring insulators.
pk10 in_000

Premium Tape Insulator PK10

High quality tape insulator. Securely holds the tape and prevents wear.

Tape End Tensioner PK2

Suitable for all sizes of tape.

megatape blue_000

Megatape- Blue

Available in 2 sizes:

  • 12mm x 200m
  • 12mm x 400m

HPX Ring Insulator

Available in different pack sizes:

  • Pack of 25
  • Pack of 100
  • Pack of 220

ISOLIP Woodscrew Insulator PK 25

Insulator for wire or rope up to 8mm and tapes up to 20mm wide.


Off set insulator pk 10

Off set insulator (20cm) for tapes up to 40mm wide.

Super Egg Strain Insulator PK10

Heavy Duty Line start/corner/end insulator for high tensile wire.


Egg Strain Insulator PK10

Line start/corner/end insulator for polywires and ropes.


Claw Nail on Insulator

Comes in pack of 25 or bucket of 100


Staple Insulator PK100

PK 100 of Staple Insulators


Clamp on Ring Insulator PK 25

Insulator for wires cords and tapes up to 12mm wide.


Clamp on Claw Insulator PK 25

Insulator for wires and cords up to 6mm wide.


Clamp on Tape Insulator PK 25

Insulator for tapes up to 40mm wide.


Nail Insulator (2") PK 100

Small nail insulator for poly and galvanised wires.


Universal Insulator

Nail or screw on multi-use insulator.


Wrap Insulator PK25

Wrap Insulator ideal for polywire.