Advice on 姚记国际开户 fencing


An 姚记国际开户 fence only becomes a circuit when there is contact between the fence and the ground at the same time, ie; when an animal touches it. The energiser sends an 姚记国际开户al pulse to the fence at 1 second intervals which is carried along the conductors. If an animal touches the fence it is acting as a switch allowing the pulse to travel through it to the ground and back to the energiser via the earth rod, thus completing the circuit and giving the animal a mild corrective shock.

The output of an 姚记国际开户 fence energiser is categorised in Joules. The table below allows you to calculate the right energiser for you.

Multiply the type of energiser you want to use (mains or battery) x type of animal x length of fence x type of fence line x number of lines = Joules required

  Type of energiser      Animal Type    Fence Length       Type of fence line   No. of lines  =    Joules

       Mains = 1                 Cows = 1         Per 1000m = 1         2.5mm wire = 1        1 line = 1.25

     Battery = 0.2            Sheep = 1.5                                      1.6mm wire = 1.5      2 lines = 1

                                    Horses = 0.9                                          Polywire = 3        3 lines + = 2

                          Small animals = 1.5                              Superpower braid =1.5

                                     Poultry = 1.5                            姚记国际开户 fence rope = 3

                                                                              Standard tapes/netting = 3

                                                                                     Superpower tapes = 1.5


   Battery energiser     Horse      Fence length    Rope fence line   No. of lines       Joules required

             0.2           x       0.9      x       2          x             3             x          1           =           1.08     

So in this case a Wolseley Mosquito battery powered energiser would be a good choice with an output of 1.6 joules.       


How to test your mains powered fence

Please click on the Youtube link for advice on how to test your mains powered 姚记国际开户 fence.


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